Friday, 27 April 2012

Canopy of youth

Open thy eyes and believe, there
is a youth that is not afraid to brief....

Brief... the nature, the sping, the tale and
why? why to dare and why not...

Why to try and how wrecklessly fly....
The dream of the man who had had his own bent, and bad sad sand...
(Like a sand of time)

Blood of the cross

I am bleeding inside
my god is not finished with me yet

I believe in stupas and have no neither regret
no bloody consent

I struggled the night i've messed with the might
no god is not finished with my soul

he has for me one mighty goal...

I confess and i roll...
Ain't Nottingham's son
bloody fisher on my run

roll as stone while the wind is yet blown
can't understand if there is at all a land

let me see let me grasp the might of the land
the wind of the sea and thy husk
flock of a luck and conduct

birth, rebirth, might and fishers delight
i stand up and fight there is no Anthony
but his holly sight

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

On Staying Cool

At times it's hard when nobody loves you and

all you get is erethic speeches and pitfalls shoveled form you on thy way...

It's not easy but nobody said life is...

Stay cool, climb hard and you will get the ability not to fall apart.

Recovery - is a great rediscovery.

And get into mania or lost mind syndroms

keep small but answer thy call.

There are times when there is no rhyme...

Hold on tight, keep thy lines straight - all gonna be alright.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


A warrior full feathered
strong and agile like that Scandinavian lizard

Ready to fight with arrows and light
To knight he will turn with four conquered souls

god worthy goals mighty son of sun
the warrior fear
the slightest courageous cheer
i'll fight with my one last sharp eagle spear

Ignatius of...

A man who has defined church
has started holly march

Ignatius who fought not with a sword...
but with a holly word

and slaves of satan fell
the soldier of a christ forever dwells

No death to man with whom is God and Jesus christ
we shalt to discipline compel

disciples of the word that turned to be a god.

lets dwell lest shine a new... for there is a wine
that layman can not, not drink
but strength in Lord we all shalt build

be young and do obey... be strong and elder too...
but for lost sheep, have covering shelter as well as bolder tamper...

For those who cover broken, wilt never be forsaken or a-sloven...

Believe in trust of three
the god
the man
and man to be...
That is the holly trinity

Monday, 23 April 2012

Fighting Medieval Dragon

On every day
on every night

there is a dragon,
therefor a fight.

Lets battle my mighty lizard friend!

You know where swarming faces are
You know how flying high will make thee closer to a star

Lets battle my mighty friend
Lets battle to night till
One of us ends

Boom, bam, battle axe
warrior's slam
battle mind,
sorcerers jam,
who is more mighty
Iron fist or that magical beast?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earth day

Earth day...

Oh mother earth why thee sustain the curse

of nation of the man

why thee sustain the men pursuing self ban...

oh mother nature

i brief and do believe in thee

oh god, protect the man

and earth and mother sea....

Midnight Moonlight

I saw a moon
it was the brightest light at darkest of the night

i saw a moon
at the midnight

i saw a moon
it was better than bending a spoon

i'll abandon my crew to see yet again
painless you, stainless might

My shiny star of wisdom
that soars so far within
a space with measured pace...

Midnight moonlight
i wish to see you yet again
to try and be forever thy wisest friend

I measure minutes and sparkles of the light
but i just wish to see the midnight moonlight

no sweater glory on earth i find than
starring from earth at joy of thy shine...

Moonlight... midnight... star and sun
blend to be one...

Oh mighty might... midnight moonlight...
enchantress of swarms...

enchantress of earth..

I am a man... abandoned by measure or span...
all i have is midnight and might of thy light, that is moonlight.

Moon... i see you and see no other to be...
as shiny as star can possibly be.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


i was in pain
there was no one to blame
but a bottle of rum
scotch, whiskey and a bourbon...

Wounded lamb without a lamp
a shadow without a land...

i am a man damn it
a man born to die..

to lie live try cry...

No stand... no one to understand...
I live in a world with wounded heart
damn it
i am thy lord...

A god... of a sword...

Bottle of whiskey...
might be bit risky...
but let me just land
thy mighty stand...

One born to fight
not to sit sink in the might
of ell oh, mighty hell
let me spit and tell

this damn broken hearted hotel...

Oh hell, oh hell...
I am god damn Willliam Tell...

Wounding the troll with spear of whole...
Big bloody hole
in fat old damn troll...

Be gone demon!
Be gone.


Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
it's not warm when she is away

Can not sleep when i am alone
coz my sweetheart is away...

No, i loved you way too open
i loved you with my seldom
i loved you when i slept
and dreamed about the way...

Ain't no sunshine when i stay...
Coz i know that you are away...
Please forgive my heart... my love was my art.

But i want not to depart,
want to live and see,
how far you'll go and be
all without me...

I love you baby,
be free...

Shakespearian doubt

To write or not write
for writing was and yet will be
but reader yet deserves good quality to see...

And i don't know what can i write and how can one serve
for reader mine best quality deserves...

Sun shine of the text the, eyes that gaze at word that is to it just next...
We blend good foolish smiles with gazes that will prevail

upon the writing of the word for it just sharpens mind like
good old bastard sword...

Fun, jam but not a scam, for scam i wasn't born,
my word is not a porn... but i believe it has some glee

for there just fair color of thy tea... and you can read
while you drink and browse
through e-mail sea...

Oh fun, oh joy.... just let me be and see how myself i do employ
For let it be, oh let me write for thee... WeHee...

Friday, 20 April 2012

Medieval Epicness

Epicness was built to contribute the internet with philosophy and
entertain my soul.

However i am thinking about changing direction of the entire blog and making it more serious

accent on epicness...

There is nothing else i could say regarding this dismay.

Hail and hooray.

At times of doubt

At times of doubt there is no meaning...

It just dwells itself by thy ceiling and you can spend a decent shelling

but no one cares about a meaning...

A decent shelling but no at all no meaning.

At times of doubt... you start a fire... a doubt-fire or a desire...

So shrimping but not chiming the decent shelling with out a meaning...

But a fire of a liar is full of huge desire...

There is not one to dare to admire...

Not one...

But one with fire. And a desire... and decent count of good amount

of shillings that at streets are found.

Best friend

when best of friend of thee might be a dog...

You can't deny the minds fog...

You get so lonely and so tired... at times you think like if you were retired...

No work or sense of liberation... almighty will affirm thy spirits confirmations.

But dog will understand and land thee a head but not a hand...

Dedicated to: Copernicus