Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ignatius of...

A man who has defined church
has started holly march

Ignatius who fought not with a sword...
but with a holly word

and slaves of satan fell
the soldier of a christ forever dwells

No death to man with whom is God and Jesus christ
we shalt to discipline compel

disciples of the word that turned to be a god.

lets dwell lest shine a new... for there is a wine
that layman can not, not drink
but strength in Lord we all shalt build

be young and do obey... be strong and elder too...
but for lost sheep, have covering shelter as well as bolder tamper...

For those who cover broken, wilt never be forsaken or a-sloven...

Believe in trust of three
the god
the man
and man to be...
That is the holly trinity

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