Sunday, 22 April 2012

Midnight Moonlight

I saw a moon
it was the brightest light at darkest of the night

i saw a moon
at the midnight

i saw a moon
it was better than bending a spoon

i'll abandon my crew to see yet again
painless you, stainless might

My shiny star of wisdom
that soars so far within
a space with measured pace...

Midnight moonlight
i wish to see you yet again
to try and be forever thy wisest friend

I measure minutes and sparkles of the light
but i just wish to see the midnight moonlight

no sweater glory on earth i find than
starring from earth at joy of thy shine...

Moonlight... midnight... star and sun
blend to be one...

Oh mighty might... midnight moonlight...
enchantress of swarms...

enchantress of earth..

I am a man... abandoned by measure or span...
all i have is midnight and might of thy light, that is moonlight.

Moon... i see you and see no other to be...
as shiny as star can possibly be.

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