Saturday, 21 April 2012

Shakespearian doubt

To write or not write
for writing was and yet will be
but reader yet deserves good quality to see...

And i don't know what can i write and how can one serve
for reader mine best quality deserves...

Sun shine of the text the, eyes that gaze at word that is to it just next...
We blend good foolish smiles with gazes that will prevail

upon the writing of the word for it just sharpens mind like
good old bastard sword...

Fun, jam but not a scam, for scam i wasn't born,
my word is not a porn... but i believe it has some glee

for there just fair color of thy tea... and you can read
while you drink and browse
through e-mail sea...

Oh fun, oh joy.... just let me be and see how myself i do employ
For let it be, oh let me write for thee... WeHee...

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