Thursday, 31 May 2012

Only the strongest will survive

fighting through
and going too

run towards the swords of fire, i may...

no end to death, releasing the stress,
madman with gun
will he live or will he cease and die?

no end to thorns no end to pits,
gazoline and steady bits...

no end to thorns and to deceased hungry beasts
trying to tear heroes apart once and for all...

bleeding, breeding and grids
no nothing to whisper or say...

One loaded gun shooting for fun...

Blow me away...

One tunnel too will be leading me through,
how can we too live and array?!

Drowning in oil and fringe of savviness inch...

Blow me away...

Only the toughest will survive, and no other will be here to stay...

Wednesday, 30 May 2012



where are thine lips whenever they are far of from mine?


where are thy thighs whenever they are not in a bath of milk and honey? 


I love my knighthood, i love the life and sometimes i love to... be funny

But, Annie... i love more than anything to be breathing thy sighs and sake thy mind

as if it belongs to me as the sky, stars or phoenician's money 

and there is no more fun than being with you not for nothing

but for days that are sunny. 

Oh Annie.  

Pretend to shine, have all that it takes,

i too have made my mistakes... 

But Annie... without you near, 

it is already not as sunny or funny...

but it's cold and i am starting to fear,

that there is not enough of the skies or celestial sparks

to feel up my soup souled self

sounds silly as is it all over spells,

but Annie...

Monday, 28 May 2012

sad story

yep sad storie
true story
no glory

i've simply drived my lorry
fell into pit and was pretty hard beated
with no treatment or safety sheet

oh shit!

true story sad story
i am still driving a quiet, old lorry
a bit by bit
a bit by bit

hold tight
there supposed to be somewhere some end or a sparkling light...

true story odd story...
forgive me, i never had had a real glory
i am still driving this over oiled old lorry.

nothing to lose

in a space within the darkness
no sanity, safety or wholeheartedness

i remain drifting on wave of old...

lyrics do turn my mind to a land
worshipping the sun
but breathing no sand

there is only truth...
no nothing to lose.

breeze of old... is already a good...
and nothing there is more ancient than goth
even not mine nugget of pure g-old.

be spirited, brother... reasoned with earth and with winds
blood of mine, brother, avenged
by spirit to whom son IS the father and the wind.

Rather partake...
don't fall...
don't shake.

there is no mistake...

it's all what we share... it's all what we make.

pretend, one day they will open my dome,  i will wait at the gates...

be strong... for i am a man of the north-folk

i will not dare to fold.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

To goof...

i was broken
lost in time
harvesting dots
and getting alined

alien of mind...

Broken record of beatles...
Jet and high score seted by weasels.
Welsh men who never
been loved

welsh man with heart
but without a god...
perhaps i'd rather be born...
then turn to a statue of a fizzled 'amour*'

where is the ticket to train
that will carry
me home?

when the step on that ground
sounds too loud...
when the mud in thy teeth

makes it no easy to breath
when the birds fly and fall
when you love only
one good gal

amour - fr. and sp. for love.

Monday, 21 May 2012

post mortem

rest in heaven you restless bone
you son of endless flow
rest in there where is no goner, where there is no more place to go.

i hope you finally hast found your final home.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Falling and falling

when wings of faith aren't any more
when all desires perish as if never were before
when deth and life are same as colors of new and old
when time drains all that our life sustains

i can't hold you any more...
i want to kiss thy lips, indulge in lust
but please forgive my dareless husk...

i have had a task, mysef to trust... i've dared and hast fallen...

the shadows, all pieces of mine souls hast finally begotten...

Life is...

life is... a set of rules that we intact at times do chaotically follow and break with purpose that seems meaningful and by the appreciation of a higher value is entirely meaningless by the appreciation of similarities this stream of feelings irritations and pains we at time experience make us believe in happiness and essence of existence of desire...

but hereafter what is life?

if not a bird in a cage.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Golden feathered death

One hawk flies by close golden wings of an other
he shouts with his strong mighty cry
and golden feathered one turns
pale feathered asks: "oh, golden feathered one oh, tell me how can i get thy featherers of gold for one self?"

and golden feathered hawk cries in return , oh you pale feathered one
make a sacrifice for my own and thee will become a hawk of featherers of gold!

And so the golden feathered one does in such,
in so in as  much...

sacrifice of white fluffy creature intercepted by golden feathered
and in that very state he ceases to be carried by feathers of gold

and hawk of honour becomes the one who is carried by shiny metal of old.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When nothing left...

When i find that nothing left,
it's easy coz there is plenty things to get...

beggings start with ends, dead ends known
only to dead people...

when you thrive, and believe we can make it.

Bretath in air if there is just one dare,
take care of what is left and do dare.