Saturday, 30 June 2012


white, yellow, pink
was written and drawn with blue eye kissing ink

bad mad maid

i saw a clown
and gaming around
grown up smuggling up our town
i saw a clown

what was lost
will never be found
will never be found
stop running around
dig up 
whole holly ground

i saw a clown
he was just smiling and rolling around
how funny it is 
this old joke telling wiz 
he lost what i just had found
i saw a clown 

dig it up 
dig up on that ground
for there is much yet to be uncovered and found

what was lost
will never be found
will never be found

how funny it is
that day morning breeze 
i handle the chair
here that wiz 
starting to roll out his stare

i saw a clown

Running away 2

to shoot the pedobear

on that tiny wooden chair.

there is no trick in that rum.

I meet an Anarchist

I meet an anarchist...

he had an idea of writing a poem about a women...

the problem was that the pencil and paper were hardly well labored, so i'll do him a favor

and put to it some of my own flavor:

"how lovely thy eyes wherever they shine
how curves of thy body spoil my body and soul and vast mind
how precious that moment 
how unreasoned the scorning, 
how vicious it is 
to stare at that grease 
i love you, i love, 
just dare me to hate what i do love "  

who are you | am i | ?

who are you am i
you seem to be imprisoned but also you seem to be wise
somewhat furious but wildly nice

i keep on staring into my eyes
endless amount of mirrors
endless sound and end
will it have a decent reasoned meaning in the end?

who am i? if not self recovering from ever emerging missteps
troubled doors and evil traps
i keep on through
because i know
somewhere there in library of Wales
behind the walls of smells and force of spell
i'll find it to be my home to dwell

Lonely Knights

Knights that yet reside as holly crusade apostols
when even and not even, we all will to reach the heaven
and time after time after we seek for gods sign and see it in a friend or parent
the messenger divine and find breath of good in even
For all we breathe remainings of the even.

The true and worthy fines

Sleep it away...

when the down is up
and it seems to be an end

when there is no longer good reason to stand
when all around seems to pretend

you  stumble upon the thoughts and dreamings of past
everything seems to be a one big failing test

when there is no one among the rest...

walk a long the road by an unknown way,
for there is no one that has something good or us-e-ful to say, too...

seemless reasons... plenty of endless decisions,
time to leave
time to step

maybe to sleep

to drift into an other world
where with us is a true love chord

that melody seems to fit
holly harp and blessingness of an ang-e-lic beat

designer of dreams
for all world seers

all the scars and sores
get away out of doors

Finding the goal

no place to go
one tiny might
will spark the light
within thy mind

you will perceive
all those who dare
to lie and to decieve

no place other than this
to find the goal
that will hold you on

what's really going on?

i don't know...

a constant flow of conscious
desires, spirits and fires
no end to this thing you go and we roll
you stop and we lose it all...

how fast, how sturdy, how calm
will you be or will you come
to place of your final dream?


no light where i saw the place i knew i have been born a
and spent half of the life
that i was granted beyond the pure and sin
no old no young dull or fool will obey disobey
go in dismay
I am the one
and i will go
climb and run
on that way
that leads angry birds
and plants of ferocious seeds
end of thy world is near
but for me it's just hast started
and breathing is as sweet as believing
for i am here and i am living

behind the shame
the vain and odd endless same
i see the song that lead all new and
well known, though
we aren't same some feelings are vain
beyond the cover of all
goal and good glance at it all
a universe without any control

blending the sauce of success,
only huge sweetness of thoughts
and darkness of mess
goal is here in mind
can not, yet, see it? you gotta be blind
it's here somewhere near
open thy soul open thy mind
perceive what is always as hard
and as strained as stone in the heart
that carries thy bones

what is true?
what is not ever wrong?
opens at eve closes ad dawn
please be daring
and dare to put it all down

dead end light

it may seem somewhat dark
without a bright torch or even a hope giving spark
you walk through the chambers
there are no good fellow members
they all seem to make treacherous decisions
so you are left without bright friendly visions
but darkest of fogs covers thy thoughts
and you sip and scorn
even though you know that you are not complete in that mourn

Running around

it may sound profound
but i am running around
not lost but err to be found

running around
hoping for best
i got myself into contagious quest

running around
hoping for best
my angel bless me
if it is a contest...

running around
running around
i am searching for best
running around
running around
always above...
my feet stomp at that ground
running around
embracing the found
forming the round
my own underground...

running around
running around
burning the bridge
god help
i am under a siege!

running around
what's lost
will elsewhere be found

keep running
bringing and dinging
thy tiny conquest shall
take to the west

Lier and that Lyre

When i walked down the valley
i saw a lyre and played
for sire, i was not supposed to meet...

The Lyre just was spreading
sounds through out the dome
of faith and no one could recall
who left this instrument
and gone

"Go on" - the listener proclaimed
i was not in a mood to disobey
and lyre just sounded fine
although i was as half
as cool as glance of mythical serine

me and instrument of lone,
just merged into prolific sound
and land worthy dissonant
it was no forfeit
it was just musical applaud
for nothing else i had to show
so i just carried for less then small

the listener proclaimed
"It's ordinary and you are faint"
He set beside me and drew
a pipe, and suddenly
i saw a sparkle of a light

it was just a begging of the night
i dropped the lyre and walked away.
that listener just set on by
kept on to drop off dust...
he had no longer in any one no trust
to many fizzling thoughts
i thought a second more
and was surprised to see
a pool of gore...

I've died...
Long time ago...

I saw that man, yet once before
he was a baker in Marino
i've ordered a baguette
and left no ought
in mind
about that very shop to mind

it was no easy...
the date just left me busy...
i went up to the coast
i felt a sort of dazzling frost
no cloth... the warmth in me
to spot...

that dearth of endlessly
be played by minister of faith
it was already way off late
to mention that sacred feeling
to the date

No more mistakes

i've passed through fire and blaze
i have held upon a top of earth
my half enchanted mace withstanding darkness's curse
i prayed to lord and saw the after-world of demon's horde

there is no light no sound of prayer
just one huge dungeon-field of men who are full
of her...
that war.
day it begun, i've heard a season been much less of fun
the end of land it hast become
i have seen in dream one toughest outcome

to breath, to loose the leash, and to release
our angels shall stand by side and carry us out
of hell, spreading their glory through those who fight

i speak to you, my faithless friend...
it's time to come and go
with majesty of color
thee shall descend
to land of far
way far away
beyond odd mountains and day
run, burst in speed after my words and seasons wind
if false it is to script the word or otherwise
it won't be wise
and thee will turn to easy prey
stay here and bear my swords
or get afar, shall be with thee almighty Lord!

No more mistakes we can afford
'it' owns us
what seems to be much mightier than
that sacred David's chord

No more, we can split what others
dare to taste and make it fit
that's when our brothers will justly tear,
unless you have had not seen
the darkness of netherworld,
there is no nothing that
can withstand the might or glory
of hero facing archetype
that darkness vanishes with silver light
let me, my might that angels wield
to clear the sight

By the sea

haven't sinned since
i've killed my twin
what a reason 
what a scene

i've been mistaken 
long time faking
profound thinking, just awaiting to find out
what can i do, how can I fly 
up too?

what do i do when get to heaven
i guess we can't just be as even
no chase or faith
my fate as blank as banker's meaning
i was just tasting
my talent's wasting

can not afford to play the Lord
but play a man of tiny heaven
that's all i know that's why i am still believing
and heavy breathing
kinda living

what is the meaning
when will come healing
i can't afford the proper treating
it has all fallen
a rapid beating  
but still alive and kindly willing 

to skip the ad 
i am yet ain't dead
my heart is dull and  feel a threat 
how as a demon i will pray for dead
how will i go to tiny heaven 
when what i sense is rib piercing Roman lance 

by the sea we all shall see


Death appears - Life disappears.
What is life?
What is Death?

Is there Love?
Is there a better life? Better world perhaps? Better situation?


Stop... That is crazy! Not correct...
Too much thinking... relax, ok? Stop... What do you see? What do you hear? What do you percieve?

Nothing... empty mind this moment...
Reflection of your mind is what you get...

Outside and inside are not two... but saying so is already a big mistake... Go drink tea, watch your step.



Zen Sand Sad Stand

dedicated to Merry Miertz

There were many storms in desert Sahara
some left thorn out doors
some turned up side up down stores
some hearts were thorn out of chests
some birds bred in low-high mountain nests
some creatures settled in golden colored grains of sands
my name is written some where up on a tent
where is sitting your man
with wounded heart and blood rushing chest
he had faced all of hardships
and passed all the tests
now time to show him that you loved
those moments that remained somewhere in
his thorn out heart
you can heal

what eyes can not see

what eyes can not see
what words can't be saying
it all may just be
compete of insane

same same

we all see
what turns away
and what will remain

pain pain pain

your life is simple burning of vain
what eyes can not see
what chorus can't be playing

aim aim

listen to me
i'll ease up your pain
some lose
some play lousy blues
some win their bargain
it all seems to me as obsession with grain

same same

what eyes can not see
when dogs can be saint
i still have something in me
that will always remain

pain pain pain

there is no truth
there is no pure youth
nor moments in blues
that will always be playing
it's all just one game


have you heard?

have you heard
i have been hurting
my class

no taking chances
but living in stress

i had to scream and work off my ass
but i was spinning and turning down
whatever she has

i ought to confess
the way you treated all brave men
turned me to be a young fast aging man

can not say i liked to break walls and follow trespass
my thunder left me burning as cane of trash
a tiny panting piece of gray ash

source of  measure had eased up my rash
why should i feel like i am
i am
no johnny cash
well i am no american
neither a goth
therefor here i shall put a double, no!
triple dot...

Friday, 29 June 2012

Once upon a rhyme

i saw a distant state
i was down on my own, by time hat man could just undertake
what was just there laying in front f him, him rich to make
the fellow that has fallen, had raised from ashed burning oven
and when he raised he went astaright without any scars of fear
furious as we are, we dare at times to take our part and make it nothing or whole

i sought for reasons too
but all i have found was nothingness through, 
pleasure of sorrow 
our tiny measure might be too
to get the highest treasure through bloodshed and morrow
for all of it
there is no nothing left but leather and a fit
i hope i someday will fit
for there is no morrow

Thursday, 28 June 2012

As broken as i am

i meet a grim reaper
it wasn't so long
since i begged for a word of truth
was way much trouble at youth
as broken as i am

what happened to us
where has gone the water in glass
somehow it has ended
before chris-m had it's reason

i meet grim reaper
it wasn't so long
since i turned to my rapier too
cut all parts that seem to be wrong
as broken as i am

sir can you tell us
how is to reap our soul-s
and on earth the tiny blue eyed girl-s
i wish i could be your scythe keeper

yesterday i meet
the shadow
of yours
what has happened to ample angel-ed choirs

how can it be
that you are not with me
i am dead and you are all living and free

i meet grim reaper
it wasn't so long
since i turned to be 23 years old
as broken as i am

as broken as i am
no nothing left within
i can not see the merry
i just see sin
as broken as i am
as broken as i am

i meet a grim reaper
it wasn't so long
since i went with Christ to heaven and never returned
it's is sad but true
he called someone other
as broken as i am
as broken as i am

what happened to all of us
we ended up indulging in lust

as broken as i am
what happened to you you you?
what happened to me me me?
what happened to her her her?
where they all, now. no body quiet knows how...
as broken as i am

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The tender you go

the stronger the tighter
it seems not to get any lighter
i struggle that heavy weight

no reason for standing
by end of a day it's all about landing
the spade, without pretending to be heavyweight  

i carry on, made money, took a loan 
non is yes and yes is non
surrender, thy tender, the heavy high scaled temper 
you are an artist 
a baptist
protagonist and an anarchist 

Monday, 25 June 2012


At times when i compile new rhymes
i feel the denomination of some meanings through space and times
when you get all stars as perfect cosmic sign
what happened to that century passed?
what will happen further when you will stop and break thy crystal 
that holds your soul as if it was a water in a glass? 
carry-on  there is much more to all that has to be and will never ever be
and yet you seize with every word when i listen to arrogant but yet sorta lovely choir 
if it been a flower it most likely would be a lovely blue-pink rose. 

I see your sides float 
like if i was a sailor on an blue shaggy yacht 
or boat 
i rope at your dock 
and find that your soul is my only booty and long willed stock. 


Saturday, 23 June 2012

without crackin the code

don't wanna crack your code
i was not born to be your lamb of god
don't wanna be torn apart
i'd rather pack my faith and run
with pieces yet as one

so many things to say
so many states to see
building what can stay
after my sake departs away

i have took some part and have had a breath
as someone else who just tried to pass your never ending test

what had happened to me
what just happened to us?
how any longer it will be a plus?

my mind travels at distance of rhyme
through indefinite space of lines
signs given seem to come from demon
not heaven

what i have endured
what i have perceived and destination had not assured
as a fool i am simply to opposite side quiet easily lured
poured out what seemed to be true not a fake or note of fraud 

my wound had not yet cured
for way to long I've been someone i couldn't afford
too many scars
debating the stars
throwing some darts
i wish i could have a wing to break
from this hell-bound ring
to break through
to figure who or what
when and where i should do what
the spirit tells me i was chosen to do.

Friday, 22 June 2012

No Soldier

i may be no soldier
but i do get older
no no no
time passes by
i can not stand and cry
i carry on
all on my own...
i will die and turn in my grave
when you will try to break through to my spiritual voice
that noise...
why you break my soul and ease my grip
i try to fight
and here you sooth my body and soul
like if there is no nothing at all...
Oh god, what the heck is really here going on?!
i may have no numbers too
but i carry my cross as i walk through the mud and that noise
what do i hear when i feel your mark...
i can not sake... but i can remark it is no Noah's ark
where was Satan when i made this horrible take...
it's like a jail to sit and sip
for nothing left but rotten meat
i fly and cry for
i am useless piece of shit
but we all eventually make it all through,
i am not sure about me,
but i know quite sure that you will do.

sore and wounds

stone rolling down a hill
i finally wrote my post mortem will
can you thrive?
can you sense? and believe?
and breathe what is it like to be a saint man?

No no no...

I fell from a sky
i hope i won't lie
in a court when
i face almighty
after all i was living quiet tidy
after all...
after all...
what do i know?

oh oh oh...

there been times when i have had many doubts and delays
no one really cares
what are the stakes and the scares...
but i know there is a way and a place
to build our house
so we could serve
the bright light and not to close our doors
how far will take us?
how strong it will make us?

wow wow wow.

stone rolling down a hill
i finally wrote my post mortem will
can you save it?
preserve it? observe what to do?
and breathe in what was not and never ever will be seen?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

far cry

i battle and i try
i fall but i don't lie
i get up to claim my stand
i won't let that be my end
no one can take
what i can not forsake
i will grab what i can
run with a gun and a girlfriend
far far away
nothing stops me today from getting up higher
and higher my way...
i climb that ladder
up to the mountains high of my long loved land
Great Britain.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

will you be my shoulder?

will you be my shoulder
by the time i am getting older

through away that bolder
winter's getting colder

no... i will not fall
but you precious, wonderful girl
how can't it be
that it won't be me

when i will stare at heaven
no soul will fit left side so even

when the rain will fall
i will get no phone call

what a shame...
i sound way too lame
i have a tiny desire to make it sane
i ain't wanna go
ain't wanna perish alone
when the sub will dawn

getting on, fading away, simply moving in out
through that day...

Power - Fire

We try to fight
educate and enlighten
but the power is drowning
do you care for you share
or desire, secretly wait till that time we
get old and retire,
anyway lest just say
'do relay' - counterplay
no delay, stay, stand,
fake the fault
might be you will get through
another vault...

there are things you have seen
but they haven't been
who is the prophet,
a real fellow, and who carries all lies
and a wreath of fake halo

people frown when you get in
and out, you step on the lawn
and break the system
and they publish for you a new law - line
that is more sacred than wine,
you should not pass
even though, you live in contagious stress
some say IT IS death.
wrath! i have chosen my trespass...
my creed and the code
whole belong to old...
walking my ways, sparing those
who have no reason
or faith in our day

Friday, 15 June 2012

Friends of mind

we have two kinds...
first what do they do, is sit by side
and tell how wonderful are you
and others think, what is that thing that makes you
and them to see you both betraying
your own time and goals
for previously mentioned apparitions of enclose...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Burn thy bird and build a hedge

many burdens lay on necks
no nicks 
no cracks 
hip of lousy mount and tiny 
cats that run around
to fill their gaps
of time and
my rhyme
is a deception
of thy mind 
and pitiful perception 
but take no more
there way much 
to stare at
and adorn, 
like soul 
to heaven...
For raven is a crow
and crowded is that palace
where sits brave heartened 
William Wallace, 
he fills his cup with ale
i see some drums and bell
that suits their timings
quiet well... 
I'll cast my spell, that will take no longer
than a glimpse at moon 
it will be soon
i promise my premise wilt be short
for i am sort of a messenger 
of Lord.
*Poof* it all hast been
and now is not
what you just saw
is memory of old
and so begins new ode.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

That bird...

she flies away without knowing her real day
she flies without hesitation or delay
no end to understanding
the time of return is never ending
however what one will see
as endless desperate sea
the other man that yet can share
will fill thy wings with reasoned glare
"oh, take me - please! parakolo!" - will cry whole Greece,

how clever is that man, that has his own satin and tiny wizard's den...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

fake or true

i don't know who are those
who stare
i am not sure
i will adjust
and wilt have a dare
no.. there is nothing i can share

i spent way too much
trying to be such and different
and greater than just that much

who are you?
a simple side walker too?
no way to end and no beginning?
just simply passing through midday striving?

oh God... abide my rumor...
there is no humor among the fallen
but endless fiend lust
which causes much disgust
please help, oh Lord,
if you exist...
to stop that tyranny of middle east

Monday, 11 June 2012


I've drifted away
in a complete awkward day
i was alone
but the sun just has one me shone
i was in dark
whaling and failing
all falling apart
dart after dart
somebody pierced my ball
no lightnings or sparks
no time...
no way...
majesty say 'no' to nonsense
to all those scorned spells poured out your way
please don't
don't fail to save that single day
there is much wisdom
in those blurring eyes
i saw the descendants gazing in-dazzled
into those...
and failing the tail of seamlessly endless
efforts and lies
do not obey
do not delay
there are thy chance
take a pure glance
tell whom shell i perish with this
blazing lance?  

Unknown Realms

In distant time and space,
rebellion of human souls
comes into grace,
upon a planet that sits in universe,
from point of view of shiny star
it dips itself in not so far...

However it yet regards the matter given
by gods we are forgiven
and sometimes some of us do enter heaven.

How filthy is the place that lacks a temporary grace
but our planet is not that case

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The future

Your future is what ever you make it,
so make it a good one...

Don't be a goof
even though it sometimes fine to hide
or get on the loose
unleash the power in side
the wild beast
the serious wild
that is hidden somewhere in blood
or deep in consciousness of thy sapient mind

don't let the ideas to break like puzzles
or mirrors, don't be ashamed,
no crime has ever been predicted or truly proclaimed
breaking the days
not always making the dues to costs or to pays
doesn't make you a feminine lieutenant
or crime alert of a cities funk

stand up, even if it is a captain Jack's flunk  
you can make a step further
without rushing the band course or
making a bet
where you should have no debt...

fly, i gave you the wings,
thy words, thy smiles, thy blinks
holly carpet, sacred drinks,
they won't make you shake
it won't be any case of mistake,
stand and make a move further, brother,
it's worth the stake
after all it's thy soul and after all
it is somewhat gold...

old fashioned man,
don't fail to ban
make something good of all that tries to
purge thee into all that untrue and fake
there is a sun
and thy road to heavens will run...
don't miss the rays
they are the promised treasure
they are that truth and the reward
there is no need to pronounce any holly word
the fog is gone

but you are to stay...
it's up to you...
don't hesitate...
there is no need to sit and wait,
we had had enough time to meditate...
lets make... something
that we should make.

there is an answer.
we shan't wait
let's move
our future
is that ultimate stake
and it begins NOW
for that is all
God gave to us all
it can not leave or go
just map thy goal,
for future IS all...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

stuck and starv

no one to come
you stay in dismay and struggle
your way
dostn't matter
what they mean
what they say
all words like bubbles
pop and away
once you simply ignore and disobey

don't get inlusted
or nearly trusting
to words of those
who wield dull swords
and distract thee
to lie down
and bend thy neck
so they could
purge some blood on their welcoming
sad... madman is teasing,
freedom is though,
but hey, i am still brething.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

blending my blood with dustings

...of hope.

no end to resistance,
self disciplined knighling apprentice
battling with endless persistence
of soundless shell
bending the time to words of my rhyme
no longer i spilt
the dust or the breed

my blood is all over
it's close to be over
no compensation for a self realization
hard labor
and one lonely phrase or one strong accord

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


09 is on my mind
where you go when you are fine,
0 wane...

zero nine ain't  no nothing
but a mystery sign
one after eight and beyond
our usual mind

what is done can't be returned
what is shone can't be unseen on that own

zero nine, lets try some wine
before we dine or you turn devine

oh, zero that gave a pledge and took an ought from
a 9, will you stay or keep it simple and will drift
till thee find the 6, the 7 or 1 simple line?

to be it a plus or minus
a stone from venus or an urine
zero is something
but nine is more than
a shade of a curve
or self mending line

Monday, 4 June 2012

Stolen Scribe

woke up in a mid-day
went out singing and hopping
hoping to find what i have hidden

but found nothing but signs of theft

what will i do, without a scribe i have had owned to time
and to you?

Bible - is my story.
where will find my ,christian, soul another such glory?

it's not just a scripture
not just a book
sincerely through time and space my mind it had
has shook

what will i do without the Word?
how will i pray, without my sword?

Thief has stolen my word, a sharpening tool
of my mind and what is untold

how will i spare? how will i spread? what had to be made
but never been taken and left to be dead...

how will i live?
how will believe?
how to sustain, the loss of thy soul's bookish saint grail?
how good now, will prevail?

to go into woods? to burn into ashes?
to make myself string? to bind a new ring, maybe?
tell me?
where or when, will i recover...
where that bustard thief i shalt discover?

To punish with blood.
For scribe was... and is no more...
to make it be gone... for my writing was one and my own.
how could it be gone, by hands of a vandal, of unknown brute,
muddy creature without a face...


P.S. "written after my holly book was taken"

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Time is right

That time is right
we see the night
no doubts left...

people come and go
no one cares about the truth
but only about their own ego

no shame no care
people do not believe
but some do dare
to do more than simply thrive

on the go
our kids grow
on reefs of hopes
our destines flow...

no time to cure
unless you are the pure
nugget of soul

no knowledge test
but thriving death
learning to let it all go

grow up as fast
as tiger's claws
or iconic wreath...

the time is right
to blow it away
let go the fear
there are no tears
but listening ears
that can't break thy ode

thy time is right
that is the knight
don't let him away...

bring on the truth
don't let it lose
pave out
thy broken way!

thy time is right
bring on the light

carry my ray...