Sunday, 26 August 2012

Whi Whi

I turn those pages on
some one came
into the war and some ran away and gone


they all try to compite
but ine thing is sure i myself
just try to complete
what wasn't deleted
but coded and into poem plot

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tanka 1 - Big Blue Door

There was one tiny choir
Each day to open that closet
Of Big Big Blue Door
And so it went
I found A trident
And it was hidden in that closet behind Big big blue door.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

True Love and Blind Youth

True love and Blind Youth
there are nine merits to one truth
one merit is it's freedom
the second one is wisdom
a third, part is partition,
the fourth is essence of decision
me fifth is P - for it's eternal
the six is dungeon within the ephemeral
the seventh one is Sue
who left the Azkaban
the eighth is chaptered mind of
and of course of those who dare to drink
some sorts
of well brewed Burgundian wine
so best and merciful of kind
and last but not the least
is itself
captured grace of witnessing
that ample reading of this amazing list.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |        

JJJ an one OK

Jerry Jane Jin and silent twist Of Maestro Brinn
we can truly stand here long
pretend to see no nothing wrong
for poets once and twice and though
I am just wasting time true.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Horatius is it that line,
you have just left that Rome
and weeped
all way to home,
when finally thee found
that there is no
higher heaven,
earth, or middled middle
that our
capital of course?

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

That fly

That fly that dares to sit no pity...
there are so many types of it
how wondrous it is
In see no closing
end, just
grapes and fruits and sand
oh, bloody Merry  
my bride at night and of out going 
I lookee smiling 
and yet it all 
feels so divining... 

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

So sipping some drops

So sipping some drops in bottled spirit
I am justly feeling
that presence
of that Merit
oh, Mighty
Good and dog,
and akin good
that sometimes
we do here North,
however times
passes by and I
feel concerned
Just Loss
it all can be an ample abysmal
of stress.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved | 

That crucifying truth

That crucifying truth that pretty magic
that skilled pretty Pat
that carries shamrock
through one lap
I carry shamrock
however it's no green
it is of silver
it is as just and grey
no poison inside it too
just pale watered
shady ploy

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

That Rose

That rose of gall that sits on tiny brown
bench that mighty wind that shakes alone
the lonely splint and taste of odd I will
not nothing to be mort,
vel mont
vel mont

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

There is a grain in mind

there is a grain in tis line
it yet may sound
mind however
though I disbelief in slight
ability to lift
those heavy thoughts
I carried force and it all
may seem
as curse


Her curves yet make us smile
that pity pretty mind
that time came and
I ago for something
wasn't yet just so.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Once upon a time there was an idol
in some mind some sold
him souls some bronze flies and poles
a shaped around, his
grave was not yet found
as darling daring dong
was basting for something
and whisper of her soul
yet sounded so godly
and treasury or
such and measures
of touch
I am yet absent
she is though
pretty minded
and so, i felt
like endless emptiness or thought.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Monday, 13 August 2012

Indigeous Genusar

He was born to be a super surfing star
However some staff turned down his back
And had had to carry one awful scar
i cry and i try not blink
when seeds of darkness turn to ink
one thing i am yet proud is that i may scream loud
but no no one wilt hear all those who around us do tear
so fairy tells us that tis song wast written well quiet long time ago
when i had carried my mighty pretty gong
and so it was for tis senior who carried scalp of pure silver with pinched
percent of whitening gold. This sphere may yet appear to be a bit of odd
but it is yet great and and mighty minded ode.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 32 - I wanna

I wanna let thee know
that thee may not concern
what was not yet been done
reamin with thy purest sense and clear tone.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 41 - Scaramouch

Some say some stand bit tensed
Catharsis may make us tense  
And arrogance
Arithmetical argo
My mind will make us merry and fargo
Ought one to know
Udacity is city of no god
Catch this rime in thy mind and
Hover over some other time in opacity of that purity of lineal design

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Mine vision allows me to trust and all that detaching dust makes me
interfere and dungeiners draw their dazzling damascus spears
but might of man is nothing for knight who cares nothing but his light
wilt never he be dared or stopped by darkness or measuring delight
for one thing is always true one moment is what we have and Dios God,
will judge us all his best. Something we shalt not put to test.     

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Due Diligence

We pay respect to  those who dare us to suspect that fact
that witty pretty fact
like dart of dragons epic heart justly closes
and opens new dimensions
decisions with great witty epic drama and pure didactic dedications
ions of time pass and mine might just grows with every day and night for
every soul there is an essence of a life that is due nature spreads star shiny light.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Draconic twist

Without mercy or merriness
That Dragon Dee steps into fire
He is from East and Grows by Policy of west
some people do challenge and do at times test
that his privat sense and draining transcendental decision
of liberty and pervasion of collision
may yet be questioned
but Dragon Knight needs no reason to be tested
he plainly teases darkness and fire of deepest hells
so high and easily among the lord of every heavens he prosperously so dwells.  

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sun Trance and Train takes me to my moon

No honey for this bunny
brainy son will make more money
and the honey milk and honeymoon
will glow as rising press and personal palate
of rising star and his bride sister for a person
who's not a boon will make more mind , wind and presence of wholesome morn
as monk he has lived but now is cleared and breathing air of favor an no more sand on m mine hair
the trance and truth may break some people's toot

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 31- Father of sun

The brother may found
what he has thought to be a word
and now as father i try to figure out and pro-spell
new elegance in rising worth

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 40 - Fish For Frei

Foreign memory at mine minute of
So peaceful and

For many do not care
Or really try to disobey their pity in despair
Right now further on

Foreign forces
Earhart and her
In side soup

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 39 - Sun Set

Some time
Unity of mind makes and breaks
Nothing and something

Enter to a place with certain power and measured grace
Though we are not many and we all those who ARE HOLLY shalt carry our own Mace

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A loan

A loan one make and other sake
for safety of os all
we need some cash to keep on rolling one mighty stone might
change my chance but beauty queen will save tis earth from hasslehoss
and heast internal loss. Crocs. Mocks the Isaeli and lest it be
for mach and matter are optional as me.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Jedi Light

At midnight i stare and Naboo
as stranger it might seem to you as my space taboo
but i wast born in Naboo
and fought
Sith and Vade too
now i am free as master
can ever be...
as master knight can ever dream to chill cheer and ground a tree
forever fresh as
and planet
can make me to flee
Kri Kri Kri for master and miss Query
force is my source it's the pitty and brutal beauty of og and discourse
curse smile
there are no chorus
one mighty might and of course
poetry course

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 38 - Poem Grenade

Out loud
Empires around
Mighty they appear

Grace can not fear
Rarely tooth
Endures a cruze
Not near
Everlasting itself by it's own pace and part

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 30 - Dagger

some dude is scary
some girl is named Merry
i carry a dagger
but there is no danger
i am a peaceful stranger
midnight quasi ranger

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 3 August 2012

Haiku 28 - Life

We weren't born to be a slave
life given to us one single jive
let us live the way it is and not the way the want

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 29 - Try

Why do i try
when i am about to dry
my juice is my life when it all walk on by
there won't no one to stand up and try

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Haiku 27 - Cronus

Cronus awaits time not wait
there is a step
one mighty can fill the gap

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 37 - Two Steps From Hell

Turn not my friend
Whatever may seem to be an end
Ought thee to acknowledge

Some sanity is
Tougher than fun and passion of different
Everest thee ain't gonna see and ain't gonna take
Preach what thee do and teach what works for you
Satan thy might will one day face and one ought to know when this will may you or him/her awake

From feathers that shatter apart and one might not see the shining star from afar
Roam and Rome will fall in front thy knees no nothing left to wait
Ought thee to fight and enlighten
Minds of dark

Here after
Little by little
Little by little and once and for it all

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 26 - Bones

Dazzled bones
stare at my shadowed stones
my scars and my scorns
they all turned to earth as my grandfathers old bones

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 36 - Chicago

Century past
High manner was
Go force
Outsource and find an end to every visible curse

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

I tend to exert

I tend to exert
and times my rime
gets some score
and times decline
the thing is so true
unrealistic it too
i made my living
by ample humble succeeding
about what i was dreaming since
i was believing
revealing the science
since i was 12 and living that
presence in front of odd wells

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Haiku 25 - Smirking

The Darkness smirks
what lost four deadly lines
may now appear at peasant times

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 23

Pizza and galzoni
Saint Benneto and Pavarotti
I feel home wherever i hear 'grazie seniore'
tu sei il mio patrone.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |