Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nugget Hound dog

there are golden nugget plenty
but  one finds when all he golden is digging in the minds of old
only and only by the wisdom and essence of nugget digging hound dog

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Pine apple

pine apple three
pleasuringly  grows up high
and now it ist most beautiful three around
the shone
some stones fly high
some stones fall below
some lifes fly
some drop along

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Compassion as a compass
for truth
and those who are trustworthy
find the arrow pointing to ther hearts
even though it may be hurts
we know for what we carry is what we see
and when we perish there is no endless sea

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sunday, 23 September 2012

For all those who are shy

shy maybe someone who
as vast as the sky
shy, don't let the clouds
hold you
don't let gadgets scold you
impact on the infact
control thy soul thy has no goal
being shy is like wearing a tie
but you shouldn't tie thine sky
aye aye aye
don' be shy

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Saturday, 22 September 2012

My second zen emotion

My zen emotion glares in gale
and flares even way further then
first potential distortion
awake awake
right now
it is the right momentum to start
be starring like plantation
planted all by rose and pine
it is the flying pie
and that eye in the sky

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Red - white - yellow stone

red white yellow stone
sometimes going sometimes rolling like
apple hand that is gone
red white yellow stone

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 21 September 2012


To god do i pray
for priests obey
and let all the fathers
be our brothers
let all the weapons befall
and be buried
for ample and simple people
shouldn't be scared

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Michael And Gabriel

Michael flew with his army high
and Gabriel messenger angel
hissed to himself "why tell me why?"

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Titile line

I drink wine Wyoming ,
amd Minnrsota are all so proud
but i am fish and all fish do theu flow with rivcer
that/s' all we trully do.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

In grave

In grave you turn around
while living under ground
deimissing ties and frrights
there one exit and it's up
not down cause yuo are already under ground

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

My fire

One tiny fire lits on and on
I am not susre wether it wills ease or will be gone
one tuny  fire lits on and on

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Small Ground

A mall ground can be at middle east
To be found
Israel it's cold
And it's never here so much or so cold

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 14 September 2012

Haiku 32 - many gold

If I just could make money out of air
and as much as i wouldn't really care
I would be happy irish brat
with plenty loads of irish gold

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 31 - Ireland

Come back to Ireland
my dear mother has passed away
now ireland dublin is place i am going to say
is home to me even more than Asia or TLV.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Привет Прелет И Семицвет

Поэзия и враг и друг
у меня все падает из рук
я жду всего начала
пушай нам жизнь покажется
как пиво ръяно

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Academic Pandemic

Academic Pandemic is source
Of disguide
People are troubled
And nice
Even though
We duplicate our cat kind
We still do remain as dogs as framed
As claws of intrice

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Monday, 10 September 2012

Acrostic 44 - Avanti

Intimate pace

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Acrostic 43 - DEPALEPT


 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Angry Energeis Surround

Angry Energeis surround peril
and green of milky mind
that way is all we need
good fool
pleasure witty seed.
just don't let it make you speed.
or sleep.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Roman Catholic Priest

Roman Catholic Priest Digest
and make facist
as fool as smart
it all may some day
just full
fully fail apart.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

The Language Of Hebrew Man

The language of hebrew man
it tickles thine toes
and makes funny
it's lanuage of hebrew man.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

All the time

All the time I think and ting
about new wine
that is mine kind
Velvet and Divine.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

One Plato

One Plato, one man one huge
Platonic Bang
No matter
no matress
just peculiar
actor and wife
his home-made actress.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Haiku 33 - Old love

Old love was given
to me to live
my life more fully

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Post promotion

post promotion, fake distortion
allbeit colored emotion
all ok it's allright
as though as if you get
though one mighty siege sight.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Acrostic 42 - Blanco

Bill gates
New thoughts
Cool prit
Ought to say "he is quite well, even though is not a Britt"

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

when thee shake some

hands be of mind
what thee shake and what thee
make with that shake for thy mind it may
a God or a Snake,
don't make the same mistake.

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

When thee shake their hand

mind what happens in that end
other one
and yours
it may be blessing
or a curse

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Monday, 3 September 2012

Really Sad

sad story
i am stuck
and i am not so sorry
half way through
wait might be are equal, too?

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Some things

Some things
do matter
as master or mistresss
that do flatter
we all lie though
don't trust no one owe

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |