Sunday, 25 May 2014

Eyes (Poem)


You melt me with thine eyes 
Like sunrise melts the ice
But I feel so awesome and so nice... 
Like water that leaked from above the skies... 

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sparkle of the Galaxy (Poem)

Sparkle at the Galaxy
Got a new phone
Now, gotta be gone
Time to turn it on
One of my own!

Music loud
I'm proud
Longing of long
Has paid itself
With same sweet song
Sorry, -'Samsung'.

My Galaxy is fine
Wider and higher
Than previous LG of mine...

Gonna publish my own fire
In S4 style. ;-)
© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 23 May 2014

Perfect Gal (Poem)

Perfect Gal
She hopes 
She dreams
She feels 
She kills
The love inside...
I feel bad and sad and almost dead 
When I can't be by her side... 

This stream, this tide... My life. My life. This strife.

Every time I ever hear her voice, 
It covers the nonsense and gives me a choice.
I wish I could love and be free.
But I only pity me. Cause it will never  be. 

Saw you once, had a chance 
Now it's gone 
All the sparkles 'ill never see the light ,
Never shine... 
Now it's gone, she is gone. 
Girl of mine. 

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Path of Death (Poetry / Verse)

Path of Death
I was doomed 
My resume was not what I've assumed 
However the station has boomed! 

People came from all over, 
They've started to hover, 
There was that rapper,
His voice was like a clapper

The music 
The sound 
The DJ was conducting next 'Hit'
I was feeling the beat 
I had to make it or break it, 
For the people and the situation were a treat... 
And so I did... 

I made the hike
Took the Mic
And made myself the MC
Not just any other wannabe 

Spitting rhymes from the begging of times
Throwing  words, like striking with Samurai swords
Feeling the people, the beat, without taking drugs or smoking weed...
My feeling makes it's own billing, 
Aren't you willing to dance like twisted shilling? 

The breath
I'm feeling the dance of Death 
She is dancing among the crowd
Loud shouts, 
Heavy clouds, 
Empty doubts,
The girl in black 
She isn't here for the rap 
I feel her mind in my soul: 
"You've reached your goal, I'm thine last gal... Not any kind of baby doll"
I announce: "Yo! I gotta go!"
The DJ is like: "Man, don't forget the dough!"
I'm: "Choke man! I don't need it any more, I got her!" *points at death* 
DJ 's confused... his sight is abused... for death is seen only by the dupes... 

I'm walking away 
Anyhow this show has made my day
Last day 
I gonna be gone today... 
She smokes
The whiff 
Causes a miff
I'm dead and musical heaven 
Is not a myth... 

So squeeze thine teeth and keep on composing
For prose - is a rose, but
Poetry - is DA Pose! :-D 

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Monday, 19 May 2014


הבטיח לך אבטיח
אחד כמו שראית בחלום,
אחד אשר חלמת עוד אתמול 

מתוק כמו מלון 
שאכלת עוד שלשום 
אדום כמו קרטון אשר מחסה את הפטפון

הדבר אתך בפלאפון 
בכל זאת הקנה גם מילון 
כדי לתרגם את ה-unknown 

כמו שראית,
החיים לא שלווים תמיד
פעמים הם בהירים כמו זרעים של מלון
ופעמים הם שחומים כמו הבטחות של מבטיחי הפריון

לא נכון או נכון? 
מה תאמרי על אפרסמון? 
אלא לא עוד משחקים של דימוין
מקווה שאת לא בהיריון, 
אחרת נהיי בביזיון...

תקומי, תקומי!
זה היה רק חלום.
אני בהחלט חסר כל כישרון...
חם... לא קוראים לך שרון? 


© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Я стоял в Супере и делал вид что работаю.
Ко мне подошел покупатель и спросил, кто я?
Я замялся и промямлил что я: "Правитель" :-)
У покупателя загорелись глаза и он задумчиво спросил: "А чем же вы правите?"
Я сказал, что я "Правитель" этого магазина.

Вдруг, он внезапно встал на колено, передо мной, и склонив голову вымолвил:
"О, мой повелитель! "

Я встревожено, поднял его с колена, быстро сказал:
"Да успокойтесь же, я всего лишь ПОПравляю товар... " - и пошел дальше...

Чего я не услышал так это то, что он расстроено пробормотал выходя из магазина:
"Дожили... Правители, всего лишь поправляют товар..."


© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Gambit (Poem)

Don't give a damn,
Don't give a sh*t,
I have my time and I have my wit,

There is no one 
Who can me defeat
Cause I'm cunning 
And have a harsh heartbeat. ;-) 

I'm running upon an edge of a sword
I don't look up twice for a word
I know my thing 
My energy is the Ding 

I own the Queen of spades 
The diamond's Ace
I might had a drink 
But now I gonna fight you 
So you'd rather dodge than catch my thing...

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today... (Poem)

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today...

Yesterday, tomorrow, today,
All end up same way
I wish time at times had something back to say.

Without a gap or even delay 
I would listen carefully to the voice of time 
While composing my next line or rhythm or moment of prime. 

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Beast (Poem)

I cut the wrist,
Lets beat that beast 
We shall begin that bloody feast 
I punch it into the eye with my tiny fist, see...
I am a skinny guy,
No worries 
I won't die.

Blood and gore, 
We managed-
To win the score
Very hardcore

The glory is ours no doubt.
The beast is troubled 
Within it's last hours...
There is no beast not any more.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Drum (Verse)

Drum, Drum, Drum
Wanna have some fun
Drinking rum, shooting gun...

Run, Run, Run
All I want is to have some fun...

Loaded colt, broken bolt, lost my kilt dropped my gold.
Flip the money, try to hangout, to be funny
Seek out for a sexy female bunny
Call her 'Honey'! Yo!

Drum, Drum, Drum
Dog that can verse
Reverse, is it a curse?
Had he done his chores?
- Oh sh*t! 
- Don't curse!

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb
As an African drum
It's a rule of thumb:
Live easy have some fun
Don't flip the money
Don't buy a gun, unless you are completely dumb! ;-)
© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Cake (Poem / Verse)


Chocolate won't wait 
It is yet not too late 
To munch a chocolate... 

Sugar cake, full of cream 
With a Jam - is a dream,
It can't really wait 
Till you bite it, stay awake, 
And feel set up to date. 

That's alright,
You got Dentist working full tonight.
*Smiles* :-D

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sleepless Dream (Poem)

Sleepless Dream

Can not get myself a sleep 
Counting sheep 
One sheep, two sheep 
Still can not sleep
There is nothing I can keep 

Amn't done yet 
My mind's full of it
Gotta write, write, write...
What will happen if I won't sleep this night?

Rule of thumb
When thy mind is all numb
And you feel dizzy and bit dumb 
Succumb to the feeling of sheep killing 
If that is all you are willing 
Start the massacre of that old sucker 
-Morpheus! god of dream.
For be burn in within... 
That was other's god, dreary sin.
Thank you Prometheus!

Outtake of my life
Is at nights 
When most people are sleeping 
I have muse willing to share with me her body and feelings
Stop the killing and look for the white dove
I threw down a glove 
I fight, I hit a key after key - woohoo, weehee!  
Blank loose leaf is not as cool as when it is full, 
That's when it's a useful tool...
Unless you are a complete FOOL! 


© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The flute (Poem)

Sitting outside 
I am alone,
You got it right
The sun shines bright
I mix the sounds of air with, 
Sun's light
I might... 

I will not stop... 
I play and hear the dance 
Of things around 
I feel the twist of ground 
Earth is spinning while my ass is dreaming 
All I care for is winning 

Note after note
Blow after blow 
I get into the flow 

The air, the lungs
The circulation of the sounds 
I feel as I grow
In the art and the show
My perception 
Of details is growing 
The aura and the world are glowing 
How can it be that all I have is my mind 
Rest of the world is just kinda blind 
We are bounded to the physical matters 
Alas. they are only shatters 

The truth is within 
The words and the sounds
Are carried by holy grounds... 

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Apple (Poem)


Gold and delicious
Looks very precious 
I bite it every day 
Gives might in every way.

Sound is cracking
The flesh of earth is wracking 
I find myself beaten 
The desire within has part of me eaten... 

So tasty, 
Makes me feel nasty 
I wish I had gold 
To buy as much as I want,
Before it is late and I'm too old...

I am told, 
I am told, 
Not to eat... 
Not to eat all of the cheap, hip 
So I eat apples instead.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

לפרופיל המלא...

לפרופיל המלא
אותך אני מוצא ...
אותך ורק אותך אני ארצה...

בואי נראה 
האם מתאימים
לנו החיים הזוגיים

חיילים וסמים 
מטוסים ושחקים 
ילדים עניים 
בניינים עזובים 
משחקי הקלפים

לפרופיל המלא
בואי נראה 
האם את רוצה
מה הוא שמה
ומה היא קראה
אולי אשאל אותה על אהבה? 

בואי נדוג
בואי לים
למרות שזה חם...

את לא מבינה 
שאת יחידה
את לא מבינה 
כנס זה קרה
מצאתי אותה... 

בואי נראה האם מתאימים 
לנו גורדי השחקים
ילדים וחיות
בנים ובנות
שוברים ללבות...

בואי נראה
בואי נראה

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |