Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blood (Poem)

I see them fighting over mistakes
They haven't made
I see them dying for reasons they can't even take

Blood is all over the place
Time to get out
Time to get hella out of here

I feel the scent of sweat and blood,
They are near.

I have no fear,
Unsheathing my blade,
I'm ready. Common. Lemme show you how it's done
One, two, three, four are down
I'm on fire!

They better have had guns for hire
'cause I'm a tornado, I'm a Minotaur's matador
I ain't gonna give up just 'cause I got slashed on the back
Lost my eye and I'm half dead
No... I'm gonna fight to the end.
Your end!

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Friend and a Defeat (Poem)

That's about it
He has given up to defeat
No more stories behind his wounds
No more glory in falling over lady's swoons

He chills at place of morte
No one can take him away not even forte.

I think I will come by
And simply wave my hand from a distance
Like if saying 'Hi'

Alas here he turns his back
And walks away like if I were no friend.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 29 August 2014

My story (Poem)

The last one is weird
At times maybe feared

I know little
Almost nothing at all

My being trembles
When I wake up alone

I sit here in a dark,
Upon a tombstone,
The fellow who lies here
Could be my friend
Alas he is long ago dead.

Black crow flies by
Reminds me of a different fellow of mine
Who was a spy
Black widow bite him
And now he is alone
Lying at a random hut
Trying not to spit off his own gut.

However my story
Is written in different shape
I left my own domain
I left my state
I ran away from home several times
So I simply could wonder around alone
Completely on my own

Three things I learned on the way:
One, Trust in yourself
Two, Don't let the looks simply fool you
Three, There is more to the spirit than eye can admit
At times the world seems to be a deceit
Yet, the world is as true as the mind you carry upon it,
Upon it and through.

'Tis time. 'Tis time I ago.
I need let the fellow rest on his own.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Days of yore (Poem)

I can not see the reason to be obsessed
With a solution to problems yet unsolved
I just can see you trying to bring an innovation
To the world of old.

Yore, is taking it's breathe around here
On holy ground people stop and tear
I, however stand and do not tear
I fear that future is almost near

Can't tell I, any longer
Whether it's me or the time moves even faster, stronger?
All I can say is that I gaze upon a reflection of days of yore
And find myself a gentleman without urge for any kind of war.

However how can I ignore the times that do path
And try to awaken blood thirsting wrath.
I won't be part of that game, I even might give up the hero's fame
Yes, I'll pretend to be dumb and lame
I will take away from power of the big gun and run and run and run...
Till I'll find a proper place to spend my days at pondering about pain and grace
Of days of yore.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I wish (Poem)

Wish I could run to the other side of the world
Wish I could plan an escape from a down of men's sake
The Satan possess their minds and souls
I wish there was a God
To make 'em all sorry and bow

I wish i could have enough time to plan my go
But I all I have is a dream of abundance and snow...

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tears in Heart (Poem)

The world is small
And I'm just stepping upon

Can you heal my wounds?
Can you embrace me in a place I belong?

The doubt, the pain they are both so strong.

My wounded mind,
May turn my heart so dark and blind.

I'm your fool.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Piece of paper (Poem)

Couldn't believe
You're just a small leaf
Couldn't perceive
The things you receive
You can not deceive
I still won't believe
In you!

 © Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Friday, 22 August 2014

Life (Poem)

Why to leave when you can hunger?
Why to breathe when you can wander?
All I wish is time and your presence
But I know I won't make it home...

I look at you and see my brother crying
I look at her and see my mother dying
I hope not to look at my past again
But I know, if there is no agony there is no man.

And that's the way my life turned out to be
Built out of pieces of pain
I don't wanna what will remain
I hope not to 'cause any more pain.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Poker (Poem)

When I'm playing poker with Death
I care as little as I can about my hometown
And press

Death has the Ace the Jack and The Queen
I only have two couples and untamed desire for sin...

Hope I gonna qualify for heaven
Hope I'll get the score at least even,
So there would be another chance
Before we all go medieval
And scythe lands on me as if at chance...

Charmant, I gonna go an play piano
I don't know if it's a dream
Or scythe finally has landed my flesh and my mind within...

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Juny (Poem/Song Lyrics)

Came back to Uni
Found my way to the dorms of Juny

Can't longer hide my feelings away
I gonna stay hear today
I gonna stay...

Hope she is there
Hope she is aware
How I'm feeling
About her face and her hair...

Can not hide any more
The feeling so strong
I wish, I'd imagined before
How to live without her scent
How to thrive without her in this very land...

Sky is high, so am I
Can not hunger for living
Can not lie
She ain't gonna cry
'cause I am here
To say: let's breathe together the air
Let's show that we care
Does it even matter, that the world is not fair?
When I'm here with you and you're aware...

She opens the door
I don't feel the floor
I smile
She smiles too
She silently shines
I know whom she admires
I ask: "do you know?"
She smiles "I know"
We walk behind her door...

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved |

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hard way back (Poem)

I don't know how hard it is
When all you feel is flow of cold

All I see is my departure
To a place I do belong
All I want now is being half happy more than half sad...

Times pass and I know my departure is near
I can even no longer sense the fear

People walk around me
People talk about me
But I see how strange I've turned
Even mama won't recognize me

I just forge my road and pack
All the things that others seem to lack

Walking past 'em with a straight back
Can't no longer sink or ask or beg
Have to grow and sail my way back

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved | 2014

Monday, 18 August 2014

Strange World (Poem)

Stranger comes along
I can not longer be so tender,
I should be strong...

Time will show how it turns out
And I will smile if this time I'm wrong
But last time I've let it slip away
Hopefully it won't happen this time
Not today.

We work hand to hand
And rub our shoulders
We are all humans, same kind
But something is different in our mind...

We sing the same songs and search for same rights and same wrongs
However my friend can speak to me when he feels alone
I can only wonder what the stranger has to say
When his courage is away.

Passes year and one year more
I find my people grow
And his are getting low
I'm secure
But he is as always drunk and poor.
I wish the world had less borders.
We create the reasons to rub our shoulders
But we lose the faith and follow different molders.

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved | 2014

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Daemon's Soul (Poem)

Daemon's Soul (Poem)

There is a Daemon that is tapping at my soul 
My mind at times loses its control 
Then I go out on a stroll 
I regain my faith through a positive jogging toll 

The Daemon gently tapping 
Crying out names and wishes 
While I'm sick or simply washing dishes 
But then again I look inside 
And find a decent sparkle of bright light 

I wish for peace 
I wish for a truce inside my mind and my soul 
I do regain the overall control 
And make the Daemon bow

When he bows
He turns into an angel 
And starts to serve the proper goal 
Such is the Daemon's toll 


© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved | 2014

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Voice (Poem)

Voice (Poem)

I want to hear your voice
But all I hear is noise 
Can't take the silence inside 
Can't take the darkness running my soul 
And my mind

How dumb I was 
How strong I'm now 
I will pass through this down 
And won't ever 
Won't ever turn back or around! 

I felt the pressure to persuade 
I had the urge to collaborate  
Now I know 
It's all vain 
Everything ever only caused me pain

Can't any longer mend my flesh 
Can't any longer feel myself more 
Than human trash 
I simply give up 
Refuse to fight back 
I drown in tears and hand it to slack   
I'm no longer a man 
No longer a friend 
Just a tired fading drag... 

© Adam Smith | All Rights Reserved | 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014


Rewriting all of my older posts. 
              All of the nonsense will be gone soon.